Beautiful people, beautiful teeth

Here are some pictures of some well known people and their lovely teeth, which goes to prove anything is solvable in the dental world. As some of these beautiful people had very dodgy teeth.

Julia looks beautiful as ever, great teeth.


And Madonna looks stunning.

madonnas teeth

Taylor has superb teeth as well, good looking guy.


And Nicholas Cage has great teeth now.


Tom Cruise I think always had fab teeth, as far as I can remember.



So I guess there is a link between teeth and money. There are some great products now to make your teeth white and great dentists to fix them, so there is no reason not to look good. Teeth Whitening is very big as a new product and service by your local dentist.

Millions of pounds/dollars are spent annually on procedures and dentists are everywhere providing all manner of services ; veneers, bridges, invialign, braces, teeth whitening, etc

The key is to have healthy teeth, not just white teeth cleaned by professionals.